Pickle does the hard work.

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A low cost, collaborative package handling robot that automates several key tasks along the e-commerce supply chain.

Package handling is a physically demanding job with extremely high rates of turnover. The rising costs of shipping, comprised of 2/3rds labor, have become a major bottleneck to continued growth in e-commerce.

Meet Dill.

Dill, the first robot from the Pickle Robot Company. He works multiple shifts, communicates with his human collaborators, and is rapidly developing new skills in handling e-commerce parcels:

  • Loading/Unloading of feeder trucks

  • Palletizing/depalletizing

  • Preloading of last mile delivery vans, trucks, and parcel cars

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Led by Andrew Meyer, Ariana Eisenstein, and Dan Paluska, the team at Pickle Robot Company has decades of experience working at the boundary between hardware and software.

Pickle is a superlative cast of engineers with strong backgrounds in robotics, machine learning, modular hardware, and oddly, brain-machine interfaces.

Pickle Robot Company spun out of top Cambridge, MA R&D firm, LeafLabs.


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